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Conflict resolution and mediation Bristol and South West England

Conflict Resolution and Mediation Facilitation

Few people like conflict. In a workplace with people with different beliefs, values, viewpoints and often strong characters, conflict is often unavoidable.

I provide help to businesses and individuals who need to address conflicts that are negatively impacting the workplace and individual’s lives. I use a methodology that has worked well with many different clients. Typically I work 1:1 or 1:2 to help individuals to understand the others perspective and work towards shared outcomes.

For example, I worked with C and D who were opposite work personalities. This impacted their approaches and how they saw each other. Communication had become short, unhelpful and often avoided. Over two ninety-minute coaching and mentoring sessions we achieved the results that they were both happy with. Their boss fed back that their work productivity had risen significantly as a result.


Pam worked with two people within my team who had opposite personalities and whose communication issues were negatively impacting the business. As a result of this work the two people are now meeting most of each other’s needs.


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